• Spotted: Exeter Library Facebook page is closed
  • Final message claims page is shut down due to “popular demand”
  • Student cite University “overreaction” as reason for closure

The infamous ‘Spotted: Exeter Library’ page was shut down today, following pressure from the University.

spottedA post on the page this afternoon read: “Unfortunately, due to popular demand the page has to be shut down. I hope you all enjoyed the short, but sweet, time we had together”. The page came under fire from the University who accused those behind the page of “harassing” revising students. Uni bosses also warned that job prospects may be damaged by comments made on the internet.

Over 3,800 people joined the page, which allowed members to send anonymous messages about other people they had seen in the library. Exeposé recently reported that the University were unhappy with posts on the page. The story was picked up by the regional press today.

Some posts attracted criticism from staff and students, who argued that comments made about student’s “appearance, dress sense or sexual availability” amounted to harassment. One post, which showed an image of a student exposing himself in the library, was swiftly removed from the page after Exeter’s student media reported on the controversial nature of the post.

Some students have argued that the University’s response to the page was unnecessary. Owen Keating, a second year English student, said: “I think it’s an overreaction to say that these posts could damage student’s career prospects. All of the observations were made anonymously”.
Another female student said: “Spotted was fun at times, but it was so close to the wire that in the end it had to go”.


By Tom Payne, Editor

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  1. editors

    We have always tried to comment on incidents and events that are of significant interest to the student body. As there were almost 4000 members of the page we felt that this was one such occasion.

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