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Exeter student, Elina Desaine, who won the title of Britain’s Horniest Student last month, is facing disciplinary action from the University as sources reveal that her original entry into the competition was entirely fabricated.

Sources close to Ms Desaine have confirmed to Exeposé that her initial entry into the online competition was a fake post, written as a joke entry into the contest. However, Ms Desaine is facing a major disciplinary from the University on the grounds that her actions “may cause reputational damage to the University”.

Possible sanctions from a major disciplinary hearing include permanent exclusion from the University, a fine not exceeding £500, community service or the signing of a behavioural contract. Student disciplinaries for non-academic misconduct are categorised into minor or major cases.

This is the first major non-academic disciplinary on the grounds of bringing the University’s reputation into disrepute to take place in over a year. Just six major non-academic disciplinaries took place last year, none on the grounds of damaging the University’s reputation, despite a number of controversies surrounding Exeter appearing in the national press, including those over the Safer Sex Ball.

In a major disciplinary case, the student accused of the alleged offence must face a Disciplinary Board, composed of the Deputy Director of Academic Services and Head of Student Services, a second senior University manager and an officer of the Students’ Guild. In cases regarding alleged reputational damage, an additional person, independent of the University, will sit on the Board to ensure impartiality is upheld.

Ms Desaine’s initial entry into the Britain’s Horniest Student 2013 competition, run by ShagAtUni.com, was a complete fabrication that included a false claim of inappropriately using University facilities.

When asked for comment by Exeposé, a University spokesperson said: “It is not our policy to disclose information on disciplinary matters concerning the University and individual students – we respect our students’ rights to confidentiality and privacy.

A spokesperson for the Students’ Guild told Exeposé: “The University’s disciplinary procedure is, quite rightly, confidential. Any student undergoing a disciplinary or experiencing any difficulties while at university can seek support from the Students’ Guild’s Advice Unit.”

Meg Drewett, Editor

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4 Responses

  1. Serpentina

    It’s pathetic that in this day and age a person can be persecuted for having consensual sex. Whether it happened or was made up for laughs is irrelevant – it is slut-shaming at its’ worst with a threat to a young person’s future. As a previous commentator had said – if it had been a male, nobody would have batted an eyelid.
    By the same logic, should people who happened to make it out of the sex industry not be allowed to enter higher education or “proper” jobs in case they bring them into disrepute?

  2. JoeP

    Is the expose still lustily supporting the university’s massive over-reaction (which will ultimately be found to have violated the student’s basic human rights under EU charter on sexuality and freedom of expression)?!

  3. Tom Jones

    I wonder which Exeter University staff are bringing their own university into disrepute. Do any of them smoke or drink, vices that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Tobacco is particular bad as second hand smoking can cause cancer in innocent people.

    Any staff been caught speeding? This traffic offence demonstrates a wilful disregard for safety that puts people’s lives at risk.

    Who brought the disciplinary case against the student? This is bringing far more disrepute to the university on the grounds that it demonstrate a lack of tolerance of a young person’s sexuality (sexual discrimination), re-publicising the issue, and bullying (slut-shaming, see the Daily Telegraph article “Exeter University ‘slut shaming’ a female student”, 12 Dec 2013, on this very issue).

    The university should be ashamed of itself.


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